Chris Tomlin – O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Lyric Video)

Video Lyric chính thức cho “O Come, O Come Emmamuel” của Tomlin Nghe tại đây: Đăng ký kênh của Chris Tomlin: Theo dõi Chris Tomlin: Instagram: : Facebook: Twitter: Trang web: Nghe thêm Giáng sinh từ Chris Tomlin Chris Tomlin – Thần Emmanuel With Us (Live at Ocean Way Nashville, TN / 2021) Chris Tomlin – Noel (Live) với Lauren Daigle Chris Tomlin – A Christmas Allelulia (Live) với Lauren Daigle, Leslie Jordan Lời bài hát: O come, O come, Emmanuel And chuộc tội cho dân Y-sơ-ra-ên bị giam cầm Đó là sự than khóc trong cảnh lưu đày cô đơn ở đây Cho đến khi Con Đức Chúa Trời xuất hiện Hãy vui mừng, hân hoan, Emmanuel Sẽ đến với ngươi, Hỡi Y-sơ-ra-ên hãy đến, ngươi Ngày-Xuân Hãy đến và cổ vũ tinh thần ngươi bởi Thine đến đây Giải tán những đám mây u ám của đêm Và bóng tối của cái chết đưa đến bay Hãy vui mừng, vui mừng, Emmanuel Sẽ đến với bạn, o Israel Video âm nhạc của Chris Tomlin biểu diễn O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Lyric Video / Live). Hồ sơ Sparrow; © 2021 Rivermusic Holdings, LP, theo giấy phép độc quyền cho Capitol CMG, Inc.

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  1. i came here for manuel vsp

  2. I came here for manuel vsp

  3. Brenda Daniels

    Love this song..just like I love and respect Israel. God bless your people Israel.

  4. Such a beautiful, captivating song!

  5. New Worship Song

    Wow i want to learn dancing like this can i join with you?

  6. DinoGen2 prototype

    How did I get here

  7. Angelo n4nita life2

    the most beautiful song in the eyes 👁🛐


  9. NGH - Passageira

    Uau!!!! Very beautiful!!!

  10. may god bless u all !

  11. keep up the great work brother!

  12. Praise the Lord

  13. I love this version. I wished it was a bit longer

  14. Immanuel V Sijo

    This is a heavenly song!
    Took me out of this world!
    Alleluia.. Amen…

  15. I lived my life as an atheist and grew up in a godless family. My heart began to open as I was slowly seeing the evil and destruction all around me. I began to have a curiosity into paganism. God spoke to my heart one night and said “Child, your heart is in the right place, but you are seeking the wrong thing.” He told me I should accept Jesus as Lord and Savior because I knew He was real. It wasn’t “You have to” it was “you should.” God is such a gentleman and so kind that He never forced me to do anything. I got on my knees and asked forgiveness and I surrendered all. I woke up with a new heart and my life had changed from then on so profoundly. Not everything was easy, I had the hardest trials of my life, but at least I had God to help me through them. I am now a Sunday School Teacher at my Bible following Christian Church, and I help lead the worship team. Praise our Lord Jesus Christ! 🙏🏻

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  17. Christian Gospel

    Every time I listen to this masterpiece, I see an army of angels readying themselves for the last battle with demons. All hail the Lord!

  18. Happy Birthday Jesus! It’s been 2021 years now, and we will still wait patiently!

  19. You'll never understand truth and all it encompasses until you ask Him to remove the veil from your eyes.. and then, wow.. you realize how much of a lie you were living under until that moment.. life didn't just "begin in the oceans" and morph into everything we see around us.. we didn't just pop into being, with luck just working out everything we ever needed to thrive and survive along the way.. thats silliness and the devil wants you to believe all of it. Dna is instruction..instructions come from a mind.. dont be fooled.

  20. God will surely bless us

  21. Amen God is so good

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