Yuval Noah Harari: The 2021 60 Minutes interview

The bestselling author and historian offers his predictions on how technology will alter the evolution of humans and change society. Anderson Cooper reports.

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  1. These two love Franks 😂😂😂😂💩💩💩💩🖕🖕🖕

  2. Gay people are so smart, good-looking, and intuitive!

  3. Robert Sterett

    Absolutely fascinating and well spoken driving home the bottom line. I could listen to far more of his thoughts.

  4. kamucon kamucon

    I think human knowledge/application has been oscillating over melliniums / years and this is not the end of change neither the greatest!

  5. Amazing People

    We already live in the most inequal society in history. There already are two very different species on Earth, the rich and the rest of us.. We have conscious and still we let people die of hunger and we go to wars to steal natural reaources… and we are destroying the planet despite all the warnings from scientists. So I guess my question is why is this creature considered smart?

  6. Nickolaus Afon

    The future is Cyber-punk.

  7. Nickolaus Afon

    This is the real "counter-cultural genius", the academic history-based man who speaks truth and science-born ideas. This is not some creative idealist or someone fueled by delusions. And, if the scenarios and future he's talking about scares you, you might want to look into what tech and corporate companies are doing. This is the future whether we like it or not.

  8. In search of perfection will be our downfall.

  9. AI Developments have halted in the last couple of years. The last 5% of progress needed seems to be exponentially harder than anticipated. So no, I don't agree with Harari. I think we've overestimated our abilities to create true AI.

  10. Tim Alexander

    You regurgitate the present making out You see the future.

  11. They talk about the future of these machines.. (but they’re already here). What do you think they’re making in places like Area 51?

  12. Melanie Farnwalt

    I’m reading these comments and they totally validate the fact that people have no idea of the plans of the World Economic Forum for which this man is part of. You all seem to think what he’s saying will benefit you. But in reality they do not want nor need you in the future. The ignorance of people will literally destroy them. Mark my words, they love your ignorance. They know just how utterly ignorant you all are and that’s exactly what they need to usher in their Great Reset which does not involve any of you. Knowledge is power and you all have none and they know that. Good luck because you all will need it.

  13. You twisted being.how did you help people on floods?you ard below the animals manipulative liar.

  14. The days of Noah and his middle name fits perfectly. He is talking about things to come that the Bible spoke about long ago

  15. ایرانی معمولی

    لطفا زیر نویس فارسی ترجمه شود

  16. It sounds like creating demon/nifelins.

  17. What does the future hold when we shape others to our liking or disliking through current readily available tech , smart phones , endless tik toks, music apps etc..etc…

  18. Yahia En Najar

    everything aside… who gonna give birth? man no1 OR man no2? don't answer… I just wanna tell you that human instinct is deteriorating.
    and don't normalise with so-called izrael which is occupying Palestine.

  19. Why do I think this guy is the PR of MaaNG? Is he not preparing our minds for the future we may have to live in?

  20. Some of us arent gonna want that. Get it if you want, but ill pass. No thanks.

  21. implantservices

    decentralised is the solution then!

  22. Flash Achievers

    😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 i am really impressed

  23. metalhead5800

    Everyone has the right to live and not be drugged.

  24. Павел Виноградов

    Россия гомофобная страна =((
    Вот чего мы добились парни. Вот что о нас говорят умные люди.

  25. In the Bible there is the story of the Babel tower (Genesis 11,9) when people tried to control the world. That did not work because there is One Controler, Creator and Master of the world and it will never work. He will not allow to change Man, his divine creation that He created in His image. So our brain, our body is not going to be changed by computer and science. We have the Torah and Prophets and none of them talks about what was said in this interview. God Bless Israel and the entire world. Amen!

  26. Jason Nehceis

    LOL – they think "Hacked Humans" is something new. Talk to any marketing firm and the experts they employ who know exactly how to manipulate the masses.

  27. Alex Jones called this

  28. Amazing man!

  29. Automata anyone?

  30. Anoosh Kabeer

    i think blockchain and dlt can solve this problem

  31. With a mam married to a man, for sure the human race (homosepien) is going to be instinct. Like he said in 100 to 200 years, I say less
    Keep the good work .

  32. Russell Solomon

    Sounds like we’re gonna need a Butlerian Jihad!

  33. What we are facing that is still alive is hate. . . .

  34. Susan Devaney

    Coms it’s already happening . Ai can only happen with the use of the human .. we input data .. he is on the gravy train with a mark and bill. Coming soon the break through In hie the universe was formed -Read my book

  35. Susan Devaney

    Stopped been on social media will prevent them tracking you . I came off all social media.They can only find out from tracking what you like and dislike . It’s happening more so I’m China

  36. Susan Devaney

    Total speculation . Seeing into the future. It’s human evolution .. He is expanding on what is already happening. Al has to be fed the info by humans to perform .without the human it’s not possible This guy has jumped on the gravy train with Gates, zuccerberg, Bezos. Writing books making money and convincing the obtuse who can’t think for themselves.

  37. אורון רז


  38. Protect this guy at all cost!

  39. 🇺🇳9:31 yeahhh i knew i am 👽 in the woom already.

  40. This man has built all of his beliefs on smoke and mirrors. What he doesn't believe is God will pull the plug on all this in the next 40 years or less and he will find himself eternally burning in Hellfire. I think only the final Antichrist himself could could spew more blasphemy publicly against God

  41. Milenko O'kuka

    How and where can we watch the whole interview?

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