POV you spend CHRISTMAS at an afro-SPANISH household | B1 – C1| Vlog

#CHALLENGE: watch without captions first then come back to it tomorrow to re-watch with them in #spanish.

It wouldn’t be me-like to upload a video on the right day, so here is the # vlog at mine, welcome, have some food!

Mi familia and I are happy to share our yearly traditions with y’all, it’s always just us 4, and with Samantha’s birthday it’s extra special!
What are YOUR tradiciones de #Navidad?


¡Hasta luego!

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  2. William-Isaac Beckes

    POV estás celebrando Navidad vicariamente por DENA 101 porque tienes COVID

  3. Jennie de Castro

    Que lindo tu video!! ♥️

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