Plex Adds New Subtitle Feature: Search and download movie / TV subtitles inside the app!

Get a Plex Pass here: – Plex added a new subtitle feature that allows users to find inside the app and automatically turn them on. See more Plex: and subscribe!

More info –

0:00 – Intro
01:08 – Compatibility
01:30 – Searching for subtitles and attaching to movies / shows
03:28 – Android TV / Nvidia Shield
03:41 – Subtitles not editable, unique to each user
05:00 – Searching for and changing subtitles on the fly
05:58 – Works with TV Shows too
06:35 – Setting subtitle search preferences

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  1. Opensubtitle ticked in agents, login credentials for opensub chosen with english as the preferred subtitle. Using a Nvidia Shield

    Just show no results when searching. Cant even choose any when searching. Somewhere its not linked. Can anyone advise?

  2. Plex should have a google translate option for when there's no subs in your language.

  3. Top Kat Electronics -Susan

    Great video! Thank you!

  4. Would have liked a “How to” setup to show us how to add, setup & configure… this is more of a feature demonstration. One comment says you need “PLEX Pass” to use this add on, is that correct?

  5. More button is not there

  6. Assainsin creed has subtitles but they didnt rip when using mkv. I'm hoping to figure out a way to get them in to the movie. Any help?



    Haha, amiable eh? You so didn't rip that bluray.. lol

  9. ZizzouDZGaminG

    your set up is cool, some retro things.

  10. Rodolfo Valiati

    Only for subscribers

  11. Anderson Moreira

    How can I sync the subtitles in the plex app on pc? I can do it on my TV but not on pc, why?

  12. Daniel Muvdi - Bitcoin y Criptomonedas

    This feature was announced 5 month ago and still is not free. only pass members has that option. it will be nice if you can tell us more about this feature.

  13. Tomás Brogueira

    Is any1 sure this feature is safe?

  14. Here is my issue and hopefully you or anyone for that matter can assist. I’m setup properly with the subtitle feature as far as it working and displaying on the screen but my issue is that it displays (in English) for the entire movie (that’s already 98% in English). I only need the subtitle to display (in English) when there is a foreign language being spoken in the movie. How do I correct this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  15. What just happened to plex? All my folders gone. Can I go back to the old format?

  16. i still don't see subtitles where you said they should be 1:45

  17. PartyAnimalzEnt

    Hey Lon!!! Great videos!! Can you do a video on using the New Plex App on Andriod/Iphone …. I loved the old app but since they updated the app to a new Plex app. It sucks…. I can't figure it out and can't find a video anywheres. Thanks Lon!!!

  18. I dont get it for me it doesnt work. I have the newest pms, a plex pass and I tested in on my android phone and shield tv

  19. This is an amazing new feature. Something that has been so difficult to do manually with Blu-ray

  20. CantankerousDave

    Huh. I hope Plex plugged the security issue regarding subtitle files as an attack vector that was reported last year.

    [From TechCrunch, 5/24/2017]
    "Checkpoint found that malformed subtitle files can give hackers the ability to embed code into subtitle files popular with pirated movies and TV. Because these subtitles are usually trusted by video players and users alike they were an oft-overlooked vector for hack attacks."

  21. Nice feature for those that don't rip subtitles when adding movies to Plex. I personally rip them so that I can get the custom subtitles specific to non-english parts of a show, such as say in Black Panther when Wakandans are speaking around the CIA agent, the only subtitles you see are theirs and not from anyone speaking English. This is more useful to me anyway.

  22. Hi lon are they planning to add new plex users to use plex cloud

  23. Can you please address ho plex and removing plex cloud seeing as you non biased and fair reviewer

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