Noel Gallagher calls Harry a ‘f***ing woke snowflake’

The rock supremo blasted Harry for publicly “dissing your family” and told him to “shut up”.


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  1. Sausage Sandwich

    He's never dissed his own family himself.

  2. Peter Williams

    The titles says it All.
    Well done Noel Gallagher

  3. Susan Magnuson

    Thank God somebody finally said it!

  4. Michelle Hill

    Love it.. Well said Noel.. Never one to mince his words.. 😂✌️🇬🇧

  5. Johanna Thurston

    Well Done Noel Gallagher,.About Time Celebs And People Of Certain Celb Fame Should Start Speaking Out.
    Unfortunately Megan And Harry As Stopped Certain People On ITV Programmes From Speaking Out.
    Whether They Agree With The Remarks Or Not.
    As It All To Do Something With Advertisements Etc,
    Connecting To Megan And Harry Therefore Harry And Megan Can Phone Up The ITV And Get You Fired. For Speaking Out, So Certain People Wanting To Keep Their Jobs Are Flying Shitless.
    Because Of H/M, Management And People Dare Not Speak Out, The Spine Coloured Yellow Chickens.
    That Why Piers Morgan Got Into Hot Water, With Him Refusing To Apologize, Rightly So.
    Why Should H/M Hold Other People To Ransom, When People Question Or Give Their Opinion. To The Vile, Disgusting Dribble That Comes From H/M Mouths.
    So Now The ITV Policy Must Be, Do What H/M Tell You To Do Or Lose Your Jobs.
    As H/M Can Phone Up About Anyone And Complain To ITV About Their Remarks Attitude Etc
    Which As Zipped The Mouths Of People Who Would Normally Stood Up To H/M Crap.
    Instead These People Attack Anyone Being Against H/M Behaviour.
    Thinking It Will Curry Them Favour, All Its Making Them Is As+li+king
    Individuals, Who Are A Disgrace To Their Profession.
    Where Is Their Union??????
    Shame Too Many People Are Wanting To Seen In A Good Light By H/M. Than Stand Up And Be Counted.
    So Good On Noel Gallagher, Well Done,.Well Said.

  6. Nice one Noel, enough of the Duke and Dutchess of Netflix, they should bring back Jeremy Kyle for a Harry special, James Huwett you are the father of Harry. Lol

  7. Janine Beaudette

    He is a joke

  8. Rose Stanhope

    NO this is not what you get with Americans. You only get it from the ones that think the world owes them something and they will do and say anything to dig their claws into those that let them know real quick ( you're a joke a liar and a thief )those are the ones people have to look out for and they are all over the world. But like I always say KARMA always find those that cause harm where harm should have never been done.

  9. Dior Cnidaria

    Get a life Noel!

  10. Alan Grossman

    Just think about it. If Oasis hadn't self-sabotaged their several chances to have several hits in America, they could be getting that 100 million dollars or pounds to reform and tour in 2021 or 2022. You don't see Paul McCartney or Elton John talking crap about Americans.

  11. Alan Grossman

    Funny how Noel has no problem talking about someone else's wife. But Liam says something about Noel's wife and all hell breaks loose.

  12. Hasnt Tom McDonald just released a song called snowflake, what a coincidence.

  13. Angelina Morgan

    NaziHarry imitating his grand uncle Edward II who loved fascism and married an American divorcee



  16. Plagiarism NOEL GALLAGHER

    "This is what happens when you
    get involved with Americans .
    As simple as that "

  18. Gordon Mitchell

    The darkness can not overpower the light.

  19. From the man whose lyrics post-Oasis have been shyte

  20. Sebastian Fitzptraick

    Watching the Twitter crowd soy themselves over this is just hilarious.

  21. Noel Gallagher – straight to the core – well said

  22. Paola Soriano

    About time more people spoke what everyone is thinking!!!

  23. Come off it.. not a fan of Harry and Megan. But for a guy who had his mother hounded to death when he was a child. Calling him a f***ing woke is a bit simplistic, a bit like your music.

  24. I am no fan of the royals but The hard man Noel Gallagher whose only risk is a blister from playing guitar calling someone who served in combat a snowflake haaaaaaaa

  25. When you look up "wanker" in the dictionary, it says: "See Gallagher, Noel & Liam."

  26. Noel is effing right. You don’t involve you’re family in everything. Just go your way shut up and live the way you want! Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

  27. Noel and Liam well known for their erratic and violent past. Both are using the Meghan and Harry momentum to gain a little attention. As they both obsolete and disgraceful old rockers with not careers, no brains, no future. NO TALENT.. grabbing a bit of beggars money interviews.. please a bit of change.. I can say anything you want me.. jut need money

  28. gareth fieldstead

    I presume irony is lost on dear Noel? Is there anyone Noel hasn't slagged off, including his family? Hoping Damon Alburn got aids? Michael Hutchence a has been? Chris Martin …. numerous insults! Most new bands. Far more arrogance than his limited ability warrants.

  29. These two brothers have me in stitches !! And have done for years with their I don't give a flying f##k what you think comments

  30. Fred Engels Beard

    Noel is correct, in my view if the working class don't stand up to this new Maoism called Wokism our futures will be really bleak, we need to remember the horrors of the 20th century from these exact same 'morally superior' types.

  31. Everything Noel says goes.

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