KFC x Jack Harlow

KFC teams up with Kentucky-born, Grammy-nominated rapper Jack Harlow for a year-long partnership to bring about a younger, more diverse consumer to the KFC brand while leaning into menu innovation and providing a plethora of experiences for Jack’s fans across the country.

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  1. Is this in every state?

  2. I'm seeing more interviews and adverts from you and less music. Get to work my guy, you're getting sloppy.

  3. rainbows71 aj

    Jack your home is with me. The kids miss you. Pls come back 🙁

  4. https://youtu.be/8eEYGKfRI34 KFC 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  5. the irony that jack loves chik fil a

  6. Бесконечность


  7. I love chicken

  8. koichi is the main jojo

    Oh howdy mom

  9. The car hes driving is my friends dads car and he said jack couldn’t drive stick so they pushed it 😭

  10. Vivian Ledford

    Welcome Home Jack. 🥰♥️ Appreciate all you do for this hurting city and state. 💕👍🏽🙌🏽

  11. Reigns Over Pink

    I want Jack Harlow to bite me the same way he did that sandwich

  12. “across the country” doesn’t mean canada i will cry

  13. Nick Cappelli

    Finna buy so much KFC imma be fat & broke

  14. Holy shit lmao, never knew I needed this

  15. Chase Yagelnesky

    Spicy “Jack” chicken sandwich

  16. Ashley Nalani

    Why is no one talking about his clean ass nails 😫😫😫😫what a beautiful nail shape I swear this man is perfect

  17. What's that about like 12 whole chickens right there, jeez. LMAO

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