Jimmy Carr Can't Keep up with Disruptive Russell Brand & Noel Fielding | Big Fat Quiz | Dead Parrot

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  1. Russel is the real life jack sparrow

  2. jimmy carr is arrogant, love russell brand

  3. Jimmy Carr TOTALLY out of his depth! 😂😂😂

  4. I LOVE unpredictable celebs!!

  5. Logan Burntitus

    omfg the puppet improv was fcking hysterical im dying ( mostly on the inside…ffs plp get vacc. so I can go out again. also fu florida. )

  6. What a duo! Russel and Noel the perfect wingmen

  7. Used to like Jimmy Carr but after his recent Netflix film I can't stand him! Also a lot of his stages are too repetitive, they seem to follow the same narrative.

  8. russel brand is such a dick not at all funny just highly irrititating thinks hes gods gift

  9. did anyone else think that jonathons comment about lily being sexually attractive and then calling himself an uncle figure waas super frickin creepy or is that just me ??!?!??!

  10. ☀️🧔🏾🦸🏾‍♂️☀️

  11. ThiefOfNavarre

    I met these two on a night out in Camden about 10 years ago. Probably one of the craziest, most fun nights of my life. Absolute hoot

  12. 3lite Crusader

    Jimmy Carr is overrated in comedy I feel his laugh is just a counter to his accent

  13. that glitter helmet had me dying

  14. MTC Laura Amaral

    Carr saying something is demeaning: hightlight!

  15. 2strokes R better than 4

    I wish they had shows like this in the US

  16. pommy humor is the most cringe in the world, worse than chinese humor

  17. [redacted] watkins

    nice to see noel pioneering the wolf cut

  18. 😂😂😂😂😂the ventriloquist bit was hilarious. Props to Carr for being a good sport.
    British tv unscripted>US tv scripted.

  19. The only quiz should be what drugs did Russell take before the show?
    A. All the drugs

  20. Jarthen Greenmeadow

    Noel: No I want a blowie off the puppet

    This had me belly laughing.

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