Jack Posobiec And His Mother Crash Show, Talk About Families And Motherhood

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  1. Here's the reference re Sex in the City:
    Daily Mail 7/28/2019 Headline:
    "Sex and the City writer Candace Bushnell, 60, admits she regrets choosing career over having children as she is now 'truly alone' "

  2. Fowchiii LIED, PUPPIES DIED

    Sex in the city, was so popular, and I never watched it. Then I watched 1/4 of an episode. It was so terrible, I couldn’t get through it. It was so dumb, so poorly written, it just left me baffled.

  3. marlon jackson

    “I’m a proud feminist.” Until you realize what they have in store for you in your later years.Truly sad.

  4. Jack loves to defend people that killed Jesus so take his opinions with a grain of salt

  5. I looked it up. It was the writer of Sex and the City that said she was wrong about feminism and that she feels alone.

  6. Radiant Tadpole

    Some women skip having children not because they want to pursue a fulfilling career, but because they know deep in their being that they don’t have that maternal yearning. They know they’d be bad mothers. Don’t hate on them, respect them for being honest and not bringing children into a loveless, dysfunctional situation.

  7. Radiant Tadpole

    Would I date a garbageman? I recently asked myself this same question about a landscaper. If he continued to educate himself through books, classes and conversations with other insightful people, yes. I would want a man with whom I can have great conversations and who can carry himself socially. Same standard I’d apply to any other man. I’d be concerned that he’s spending his days alone, not being mentally stimulated, but I’d be happy to be have my concerns dispelled.

  8. Anthony Williams

    My grandad was 21 and fresh out of the army when he met my 16 year old grandma and courted her in the 50s, he passed this year just shy of their diamond wedding anniversary.

  9. Bunch of feminists desperately trying to portray geneticly losing families while getting a career is "winning".

  10. As a man in my early 30's, I'm looking for a WIFE. Someone who is like 25-ish-35-ish looking for love who is ready to settle down & get married, not date endlessly. Feminists, by and large, do not meet a number of the most basic traits I look for in a woman to fill that role. Some of those traits are:
    ✅ Not crazy.
    ✅ Not Leftist.
    ✅ Shares similar views on religions, politics, & life.
    ✅ Has good morals & values.
    ✅ Is kind, caring, loving, & tolerant of others.
    ✅ Will make a good mother.
    ✅ Is attractive.
    ✅ Is funny & has a sense of humor.
    ✅ Doesn't literally "Hulk smash" everything every time she hears the name Trump.
    ✅ Doesn't hate men.
    ✅ Doesn't despise other people based on their beliefs/sex/race/etc.
    ✅ Doesn't support BLM & other insane organizations.
    ✅ Isn't going to wake up & decide she wants to be a dude.
    ✅ Doesn't support abortion.

    Most Leftists don't meet even one of those things I am looking for. Lmao. 🤷🏻‍♂

  11. Combat Medic Mercy

    I'm a millennial woman and I never watched Sex & The City. I was busy watching Golden Girls and other classics : T

  12. CAPTIVE AMERICA politics

    Posobiec is such a fkn grifter that the Daily Stormer denounced him twice for being a fake Republican. Even Neo-Nazis can't stand this guy! LOL

  13. His mother does not look her age. Holy shit. Nearly 60 and looking 48

  14. Ask every person in a rest home how much they love it.

  15. Matteo Wyllyamz

    can't stand jack posobiec

  16. Matteo Wyllyamz

    can't stand hack

  17. This system has been going strong since time in memorial. My wife is 6 years younger then me, my mother is 7 years younger than my father…..and on, and on, and on

  18. SweetStrawberryShell

    My sister-in-law wanted me to watch Sex and The City when I was 13, but my brother was against it. I’m so glad he didn’t allow me to watch it.
    Unfortunately she divorced him after 4 or 5 years. He then became a far leftist and disowned me in 2017. Crazy times.

  19. Existing in a space

    There really isn't all that many men at 30 who have their pick of the young girls, only the ones who've managed to clinch some semblance of cash and still look acceptable.
    I know allot of people at or pushing 30 who aren barely hanging on strung out paycheck to paycheck with backs and hairlines that resemble that of a 45 yr old.
    Myself included. I can have a 6 pack and fit in size 36 pants with a belt but I'm still going to have a crooked jaw, ears that stick way too far out, and a hairline from a 55 yr old iron worker.

    I'm so tired of people who have the choice of being in a relationship or not bitching they can't find anyone when they have at least one message or match a week.

    Some of us don't even have that

  20. as if current society is not relying on state care for elderly, LOL

  21. I got married at 18 and had my first child at 19. We have been married for almost 24 years and have raised 3 awesome kids. I stayed home with our kids when they were small and worked part-time around his military military schedule. I graduated with my BS the same year as my daughter. I love that my first career was raising my family. I just finished my first semester of graduate school leading toward a career as a Marriage and Family Therapist. You can have it all and if you don't want to do them concurrently have the kiddos first. You will not regret it.

  22. You can have both honey, the lie is that you can invest 100% into both your job and raising your kids at the same time. Women will tell you they can do it all, but something always gives. The women that was his mom did say she wish she did part time, exactly my case and point.

  23. The Loose Spark

    I started watching this thinking "Wow, Jack Posobiec's mother looks younger than he does!"

  24. I work with severely disabled kids. Their parents put in a level of care you couldn't imagine. Them I think of women (& men) who choose not to have kids. Thanks, guys, let someone else do the heavy lifting.

  25. As a conservative 26 year old woman, I have an honest question for other conservative women: how are you meeting real men (men who are masculine and seriously interested in having a family)? I’m starting to believe they don’t exist!

  26. Lol. I'm starting to feel old looking at Jack sitting there with his mother. I'm her age.

  27. Alot of women don't realize they are in their peak in their 20's, and also has the pick of the litter of guys, especially with social media now. Women peak earlier and shorter time period but men peak later and longer than women. Men naturally are attracted to women that look younger than they do, once women get over 35+ their options go down, especially if she makes alot of money and has a busy career her options of men get even smaller. Shows like Sex and City lied to women, men will take a fine as hell woman working at McDonalds in her 20's that is nice and pleasant to be around over a women near 40 that looks 40 that makes a bunch of money. When Tim and Fresh and Fit on the show they touched on this subject.

  28. Matthew Duggan

    Who is jack

  29. I'm 30, live in a city and have been single for years. I will die alone 😂

  30. When I was a kid when people asked me what I want to be when I grow up I always said garbageman

  31. Richard Patton

    It isn't just women who are told to sacrifice their families for their careers. When I was in the Navy and adopted a child (bringing my number of children to 3) I was told "You sure F****d up your career." That was the straw that broke the camel's back and I left the Navy shortly thereafter.

  32. The sexual revolution promised young women freedom, and it delivered. But freedom from what? Responsibility. The problem is, as Jordan Peterson argues for young men, freedom from responsibilities doesn't make people happy. It makes people empty.

  33. Got my GED drive a trash truck, on my second home with a beautiful family.

  34. That 32 year old better start looking for someone in their 80’s.

  35. Jack is one of the few men who actually sounds like a man.

  36. God Bless Mrs Posobiec

  37. Dating at over 50 is like shopping at the salvation army….

  38. "Evil cannot create, evil can only corrupt."

    …And that's why Jack Posobiec's also very well versed in all things China of late.

    No wonder why I've been mulling dangerously, how much more in common feminist White Western women have with 'patriotic,' ethno-Fascist Chinese men, HINT: 2 groups of childless failures with only their respective demographic identities to sort of cope and seethe…

  39. If you are not investing in pet products right now you are a fool. Especially cat products.

  40. The only movie I remember kim in was "Porky's".

  41. RedGeraniumWolf

    I was ashamed when I was being paid well for being a pool technician. I intentionally avoided dating because I knew that, although many women would be accepting, it would be a severe upward hurdle to get to that acceptance.
    The positive was that I smelled like chlorine rather than garbage.

  42. RedGeraniumWolf

    It's too late. Most fools are pathetically lost forever.

  43. The Novice Craftsman

    Momma Posobiec kinda fine… ngl…

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