Inhaler on 'It Won't Always Be Like This', touring with Blossoms & Noel Gallagher | In Conversation

join NME to discuss their debut album ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’, touring with Blossoms, the health of guitar and playing shows with Noel Gallagher.

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  1. i swear to god that bassist is the prettiest man i've seen in my life

  2. The body language. Bottle it.

  3. Let Me Tell Ya Lil Story

    Rob looks a bit like a young Nicky Wire

  4. Aaron McDonald

    Where do I buy those jeans

  5. These questions are way too analyzing ugh! Good job answering the way you did, I would have been saying whatever I wanted totally disregarding the interviewer. She crazy. 😝

  6. priscila rosales styles

    I definitely love this band

  7. Eli rocking the Pabst Blue Ribbon shirt!

  8. mario cacciotta

    Non ho capito niente 😀😀😀

  9. Did Ryan do this interview too?

  10. Leann Danielle


  11. Lianne Merritt

    Wow gorgeous boys! 😍🥵

  12. Inhaler – When it breaks – Cover by Raoul Pasculli

  13. Can someone please tell me what Elijahs tattoo is 😂

  14. them saying “that’s a banger” in unison😭

  15. god the album is so good


    Funny how Eli jokes that he's offended at being likened to U2… to be fair I wouldn't want to be likened to my Dad's band no matter who they were!

  17. New version of It won’t always be like this is shite, why change something that works and it’s original version is miles better.

  18. Richard Tremblay

    Hey hey from the USA. Finally this record is out!!!!!! Great interview. See you in the states soon…

  19. Anxious Procrastinator - Analysis Channel

    Eli has gained so much confidence! What a lovely journey this is.

  20. rob zoning out for 31 minutes

  21. i love what rob says in 29:44. he's totally right

  22. loved the interview can’t wait for the album !! <3

  23. Great interview! Hello Elijah, Robert, Josh, n Ryan. Ur music feels euphoric n happy! Love the lyrics. Quality lyrics. Looking forward for U guys new music…Reggae, disco,80's, etc n See U LIVE IN SF 22 👊🤩

  24. Sara Ramírez Ochoa

    Rob whispering oasis when talking about the charts.. made my day

  25. Pietra Vazquez

    excited for this 🥰

  26. cant wait for them to blow up

  27. loved this interview! can’t wait for the album

  28. That’s a banger

  29. 16:24 eli has a matty healy moment

  30. bree strachan

    im sooo excited for the album 😭😭😭

  31. 💌💌💌💌

  32. Jelena Mitrovic

    made my fucking day lads 🥰

  33. thank you Inhaler for making my life happier

  34. Sorcha Conway


  35. Jake Cunningham

    Great interview!

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