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  1. Bryan Christian Abrigo

    7:02:30 The Scribble Moment I'm searching for xD

  2. Vašek Laštovička

    9:39:15 LAUGH!

  3. Timeline: (to be updated until it’s complete)
    00:00:00 – Waiting
    00:35:31 – Beginning
    00:50:47 – House video

  4. Danielle Russell

    best friends markplier and jacksepieyeguy good like it

  5. Danielle Russell

    good jacksepitguy like christmas good videos like it video

  6. Danielle Russell

    good like it good best livesteam good

  7. Danielle Russell

    merry christmas good like video good like it all good

  8. •les b e a n•

    the glitch in this vid is

  9. Vašek Laštovička

    8:01:50 Comfy Santa incoming

  10. Outer Wilds

    Going to start posting this as often as I can, Sean I want to see you finish Outer Wilds, can you?

  11. Rachel Williams

    This guy needs to be knighted!! He raises so much money for charity and brings so many people together!!

  12. I’m upset I didn’t get a notification for this when it was on. I always watch these. Either way great job! The amount these streams raise always amazes me

  13. Big name streamers dropping thousands and thousands of dollars like its chump change

  14. Hungry Hamster

    7:02:33 two men in separate relationships kissing😳

  15. Android Generic

    Is there a video showing the 'homeless' people in their new homes please.

  16. Connor Barkington

    when he said わたしも あなたを 愛してる,  I felt that.

  17. Apex 5 Gaming

    To anyone who disliked, i hope both sides of ur pillow are warm

  18. Connor Murphy

    7:02:00for the kiss lmao

  19. 3:42:08 When erin and james kissed, jaiden's face saids it all. She was having the time of her life. Her neurons activated.

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