Best Funny Animal Videos Of The 2021 🤣 – Funny Wild And Farm Animals Videos 🐴🦍

Today’s funny is not about dogs and cats, but about wild and farm funny animals and it will make you laugh and charge you with positivity for the whole day.

Watch last funny video: 😃

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  1. Funny Animals' Life

    Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed it 😇

  2. hasan jamshidi

    The animals are very cool

  3. Funny Pets' Life


  4. TikTok World Battle

    Try Not To Laugh Best Funny Animals Compilation (please watch) Thank you and more Power "Funny Animals' Life" More Blessings!

  5. Yo catch up some funny memes in my channel

  6. that donkey was trying to take the shock collar off the dog. I need to get my neighbors a donkey.

  7. michael mixon

    The one at 7:30 is the new Covid test.

  8. Leilani The girl that loves horses

    I’m sorry but if a girl can’t stay on horse I don’t know running would be different

  9. Sharon K Giffin

    Im in love ♡♡♡♡

  10. Podría cambiar el título del vídeo a personas idiotas

  11. Jaylene Urena


  12. Max Sanderson

    unfortunately it could easily be edited to be ok for kids to watch, but you leave the F word in there… pointless

  13. Kinsey Compass

    This was SO GOOD!!!! GREAT video!!!! Thank you so much!!!🐕🐅🐎🦌🐂🐖🐁🐭🐿🐻🦃🐤🦢🦆🦜🦎🐬💙💙💙

  14. Don't run from the Lord!! 😂

  15. michele freeman

    Why are you making this funny

  16. Videos Random

    TOP DRONE FAIL 😛 😛 😛

  17. Lalinda Silva

    hahahahaha that was so funny please make more

  18. That poor dog

  19. 18:04 is every rap video ever made lmfao

  20. thebadbackbackpacker

    Where the video of the kangaroo kicking the guy into the pool? 🤔

  21. That woodpecker on the satellite dish knows EXACTLY how to test someone's patience

  22. Funniest Shorts

    Hahahahahah thanks for that 🤣

  23. Includes foul language and not very funny

  24. im just laughing very good nice happy

  25. Thank you for sharing your funny videos compilation! 🤣🤣😂😂😂😍

  26. Anne Cogniart


  27. Dereck Pleites

    all of them are so funny

  28. Dereck Pleites

    they are all so funny

  29. Heather Greer

    NO I didn't find out anything!! STILL WONDERING!!??

  30. So Funny I Forgot to Laugh

  31. Moke The Genius Dog

    A hilarious video of Moke living with Casper the Crazy Cockatoo:

  32. 😀😀😀😺

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