Minecraft 1.18 is FINALLY OUT!!! well basically…

Hey guyyyysss and welcome to the Caves and Cliffs update FINALLY, it’s finally here and yes that means new mountains, new biomes, new cave types and so much more are now common things to find within … I can’t believe I’m saying that… oh and best part, this is my first time SEEING IT.. So now, I guess like always, with all that out of the way, sit back, relax and “hopefully” enjoy the video!!!

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  1. Can u make like a 100 &200 days in 1.18? Would be rlly 😎

  2. But we already have it or is that a large case like there’s most blocks

  3. RedRoseSword 927

    God I hope this seed works on bedrock

  4. Semmybigboy Ultrabigboy

    Play through

  5. Gabriel Ramos

    I am watching this video on the day of 1.18 releasing

  6. ››deadOtrap‹‹

    To get the deep dark blocks you have to be on the latest beta and turn on vanilla experiments

  7. Janeq Student


  8. Do 200 days in the backrooms

  9. It came out 17 minutes ago lol

  10. you actually need to turn on vanilla experiment in bedrock edition


    in this entire vid he was acting like hisoka from hunter x hunter

  12. U should make a hardcore 1.18

  13. Byron McLachlan

    Imagine this with the demon slayer mod if they add it to 1.18

  14. Adam's Let's Play:

    Just put on the temperature mod hardcore right there

  15. ButterJaffa: oh no, the caves are luring me with their cavy goodness.

    The Caves: I guess he doesn't want these DIAMONDS!

  16. Yuvaan Chandra Pradhan


  17. mikozori //ميكوزر

    can you do some baston

  18. Jolan Galangque

    Plz,part two for mha:beyond

  19. It’s worth it me and my friend went down in a mine we came back out with two stacks of diamonds started out with one stack now we have three

  20. Joeetta Davis

    From trial of legends the villains are attacking the gun

  21. You should do 400 Days as the avatar

  22. 3 more days!!!!

  23. Giann Lourince N. Handumon

    The river actually have gotten a lot larger

    Sorry about my English because am from Philippines

  24. John Champney

    do 100 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. does anyone know how to send fan art?

  26. shadow ninja gaming

    Butter tou should do another mpc but with one piece you know like the demon slayer island anzon and mha trails of legend

  27. Butterjaffa play one piece

  28. Zomberry CherryWood

    Did u here that guys he says he's gonna "cream"

  29. Poke TheSlothren

    Yeah!!! When is Sao smp

  30. Muzik I guess?


  31. David Rusbianto

    300 days all anime mod please i really love iy

  32. Butter How Could you hate Bedrock dude, We have stuff java doesn't even have bro!?

  33. My Dude, Keep up the Good Work Bro 💪

  34. Make a tensura mod series plz..

  35. Jemu NDjavera

    So the new mob is out as well the alley or what ever u call it

  36. He Literally Teleported To Mount Everest

  37. Jujitsu kaison please for the next series and a shout out for me

  38. 100 days dragon block c with friends please!!!

  39. Bodacious Kincaid

    I've been playing Minecraft for years and I crazy excited for the 1.18 update.

  40. This is the best video in the world 👍 keep up the good work

  41. Errol Garrick

    Koop steal your axolotl

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