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  1. This is like a game of hide and go seek tag

  2. If was Stewart I would have Made sure that I laid a hit on lebron

  3. 1:07 Jonathan Taylor running through the Bills defense like

  4. Thickalicious QTPie

    I KNOW I'm NOT Crazy. When has Cussing been allowed in the Commentaries? Am I the only one that heard that man say, "That 💩's Crazy." 1:24?

  5. Ross Cardinal

    These commentators need to be fired lol

  6. Michael Urena

    Stewart is the personification of black Air Force energy

  7. so mrs princess lebron smacks this guy and the other guy gets ejected??

  8. Everyone wants to whoop LeBron ass anyways.

  9. Lebron been a dirty ass player. He caught him with a mean elbow.

  10. Why he do all that when he was literally in bron face at the start

  11. Lil’ Cheeto

    Cunningham did the right thing

  12. This is a great nfl debut

  13. Lmao rondo actin like he can do somethin

  14. Lol, why fight on the court??? If he really wanted to get him back he would fight him like a man outside. Ridiculous

  15. Patrick Jones


  16. you dont need

    James should be arrested for assulted. Sue the shit outa him

  17. Vade Prok GFX

    JPP 😂😂

  18. Lets all take a sec to appreciate Russ being on go mode when everything began

  19. Let's go Brandon F this racist CCP sympathetic dbag

  20. Looking at the replay.. that was intentional.

  21. Angelina Prakash

    Testosterone must be deadly I can't imagine ever being this angry

  22. Lebron said I don’t play with the other team

  23. construction king

    He only acted out like that because LeBron a big name so he prolly jealous 🤣……he had all the time in the world to swing when LeBron approached him to check on him…….corny ass 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ bunch of dead time fake running around tryna fight lmfao clean ya bloody ass face my guy

  24. MusicTravel MhelTv

    Some people only react how Stewart reacted, but they didnt react how Lebron play his game.

  25. That wasn't an elbow… It was a fist…And intentional…Slow it down.. you'll see he did it on purpose.. Because lebron couldn't play agrresive…

  26. Shawn Berthiaume

    Damn I wish he got to lebron

  27. Closest thing I have gotten since the Malice in the Palace. My favorite NBA moment of all time and I was lucky enough to watch it live.

  28. I love how a black man cant say insert black racial slur here on any platform with telling people their black and sayin insert black racial slur here

  29. Some freedom of speech if a black guy can can’t even say a racial slur on any platform. That some insert black racial derogative here. shit

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