Halo Infinite WTF & Funny Moments #29

Halo Infinite Funny Moments, & Halo Infinite Bloopers Compilation #29

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  1. Noah Betteridge

    U could see the majestic scarab stop and toggle

  2. Ketsueki Kumori

    1:28: Was not expecting the Hoglet. Didn't realize the cursed mod was available for infinite.

  3. 5:40 that fockin laugh and play, what a legend!

  4. The baby vehicles should be added to a race track ,it'll be like Mario karts but halo

  5. We neeeeeed a small vehicle game mode. Thats so good that is 🤣🤣🤣.

  6. Idk how people get one shots with the shock rifle

  7. I had an oddball match where I joined midway through round one and it turned out to the best match I’ve ever played went 33-14 when I went to watch it back in replay I wasn’t able to spectate myself even at times when I was in the match I could see myself from the POV of other players as just a blue placeholder Spartan with no animations.
    9:12 exactly like this.

  8. i think you should credit the clips. That way alot more people would be inclined to let you use their footage

  9. chris746568462

    The game play is brilliant. I hate the progression and menu layout though. Microtransactions can always go fuck off in any game too.

  10. 5:02 that's me.

    Every. Single. Time.

  11. Most of these clips that you're using are cheating look at the aim assist that he has the aim on them while he's reloading no that's manufactured

  12. @4:05 lmaoo that was hilarious

  13. sheeeeeesh! The first one was legendary

  14. 5:21 is why this game is the shit, what a play !

  15. 5:53 this happens way too often

  16. idk why they made 5 capture game modes. they could have done a grapple gravity hammer game mode

  17. lets make a packed, no body buy the cosmetics until 343 fix it

  18. The whole game is fantastic but god damn those announcers are annoying as fuck. I wish there was a way to turn them off.

  19. James McDonald

    This is rocket league levels of buuuuuuulllshit! Some skills there. Makes me not wanna even bother playing,

  20. When the view is too nice haha

  21. I ain’t Superman these subtitles way too fast

  22. Transcend The Truth

    I watched the whole thing. That was glorious

  23. Classic Halo shenaniganery.

  24. Did she just basically wrong warp in multiplayer

  25. I don’t normally find glitches or bugs all that funny but the tiny vehicles is honestly hilarious

  26. makes me crese up love it

  27. lol like clips gl pal

  28. lol iam only sick …love halo

  29. 1:55 thats it, we need an official Halo Kart racing game

  30. yeetimus putimus

    If you use keyboard your a fake halo player

  31. Project Tristan

    If I have to hear Spartan Agryna say the word “Spartan” one more time at 10:25 I will grapple shot myself into a ditch

  32. Justin Blackface Trudeau

    The first clip was a setup and fake.

  33. 5:50 I used to be a spartan like you, until I took a skewer to the knee.

  34. 8:28 reminded me of the battlefield 2042 trailer

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