Go Go Ghost Ship (English Subtitles) ~ Noel The Mortal Fate GMV

Original Video:

A reuploaded video. I just put in the english subs XP

Song: Go Go Ghost Ship (ゴーゴー幽霊船)
Artist: Kenshi Yonezu
Game: ()
Steam Store Page:
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 14

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  1. This is so cool

  2. Thank u ive been looking for this

  3. 食欲もりもり森鴎外


  4. だれか和訳…(´;ω;`)

  5. ノエルとかドレッセル兄弟の堕天めちゃかっこいい(´;ω;`)

  6. ににににに


  7. Fumaira Mizumori

    thank you for english sub~

  8. 絵上手い…俺なんかカロンの服すら描けねぇよ…

  9. 井芥屋 月命-イケヤツクメ-


  10. You did not leave YouTube, thank God …

  11. Thank you very much! 😀

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