Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen: The 60 Minutes Interview

Frances Haugen says in her time with she saw, “conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and what was good for Facebook.” Scott Pelley reports. Read more here:

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  1. What a snitch

  2. Which alien came to earth and put on a Zuckerberg suit? Is it Klingon? Reptilian of another kind?

  3. Gustavo Sanchez

    Hate ?……… or how to regulate freedom of speech?.

  4. Tuan Anh Nguyen

    I always have that negative feeling that there is something wrong with these "social platform" products psychologically. It is just not peaceful/healthy anymore when using these apps especially Facebook. I remember before there are social apps, my life might be a little dull but really worth living. I enjoy real-life moments so much. Now I have to find ways to live with some of them cuz my friends are still there, but I am definitely not that much present anymore on these apps. It's better that way.

  5. William Mekhjian

    I know that Ortiz stole my bank account or asked me for money

  6. LeNia Williams

    Why are the comments turned on here but the rest of the videos comments r turned off?

  7. Not only is Facebook is a coverer of Truth, it is quilty of racist oppression. How The Big z can look in the mirror and not become red-faced is a testiment to how well his makeup covers his reality. Time is the greatest of all snitches. Time will tell because Time must tell. "Company before country." ~ Mark Zuckerberg

  8. Allowing people the freedom to post whatever thoughts are in their head has allowed us to see what dark beliefs they hold. And I don’t think it was necessarily better to go back to a time before social media. Now I know that some of my family members hold reprehensible beliefs and I’m glad to have this information.

  9. Did you watch her 3.5 hr testimony before Congress? I found it very interesting to see Republican senators Mike Lee of UT and Ted Cruz of TX there, showing genuine concern for children being brainwashed by Facbook and Instagram, and YET, when the brainwashing of Republicans via Facebook, OAN, Talk Radio, comes up, they've got nothing to say about that. Isn't that weird? I found that very odd.

  10. 0:58 all big corps do that ,, thats why we need to take power awy from them filter the power so only good get through

  11. Treis Amadeus

    are sergey and zuck packing fudge again

  12. I’ve been a Democrat all of my life and I had to leave recently. This story is incomplete. The biggest atrocities are Zuckerberg’s involvement in the elections. Especially the censorship of conservatives. Never let either party have this much power. I’ve always wanted both parties to have enough power to check each other. In a perfect world, no political parties would be ideal. Wishful thinking. Truth is better than winning and leads to a healthier society. People don’t seem to care about truth. If a person cares about truth, then they would look at both sides of an issue. I watch media from both the left and the right to better understand what’s actually happening. Most people do not do this. A portion of the population doesn’t even know which sources are left and right leaning.

  13. Treis Amadeus

    sergey and zuckerberg utubes 69's

  14. To not to fall into the algorithm use your logic and not your emotions when you come across emotional content

  15. Bonnie Robinson

    Good job! We could feel this early but didn't have the proof!

  16. The problem is this:

    If you are not on Facebook you don't exist

  17. Catrina Stotts

    People need to boycott FB. And mark is a sociopath i agree

  18. Catrina Stotts

    Facebook has ruined so many lives

  19. ALL leadership at FB should be executed immediately for treason and crimes against humanity.

  20. I wrote a university essay on this.

  21. Facebook says it'll keep the platform safe. The platform has to already be safe for that to work.

  22. I hate Facebook. Also hate the ads on YouTube.

  23. She’s a liberal Marxist

  24. Robin Gonzalez

    My husband and I were talking about how crazy the algorithm is today. He got sick and was in the hospital yesterday, he had searched medical stuff on safari, and on his FB app suddenly started getting ads for products related for what he had searched. These apps and companies are literally spying on us to direct content.

  25. Karen LaMontagne

    She's not a whistle-blower she's a co-conspirator with Facebook! She's doing her best to try to get anything Republican taken off of Facebook with the claim that its violent! When in fact it is the Liberals that are doing all the violence! Antifa BLM the left is the violent group! Republicans want peace and equality for all people, the Liberals can't stand that! Freedom of speech is more important than anything else in our country because without freedom of speech we have no freedoms! Stop censorship! I have the right to My Views and you have the right to yours. Let's go Brandon❤🇺🇸

  26. arrest and cane her.

  27. secretsquirrel

    The way the world has changed in the last 20 years is obvious and from what I’ve seen…not for the better.
    I don’t believe anything Zuckerberg says, sorry he’s running a business.

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