Epic Minecraft Collab w/ Ironmouse, Kson, CDawgVA & More

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– Ironmouse –

– Kson –

– Melody –

– Silvervale –

– Outro music by Lord Aethelstan –

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  1. Sigma chad male plays Minecraft with cute anime girls from all over the world.
    Life goals.

  2. These guys have me smiling ear to ear the whole video

  3. Someone please animate this

  4. TheInfernapeKing TV

    wait… isn't Ironmouse suppose to be Sayan? So if she thinks Connor is evil, so what does that make Connor?

  5. blue J; green T

    5:10 this is such a mel moment, all the way down to the dumb little chuckle at the end

  6. I laughed so hard 😂😂

  7. It's like she was reaching for something in the top of an over stuffed closet and it all just fell,out.

  8. 0:50 That was Load-Bearing barrel.

  9. MoveSpammerGuy team7colors

    You cut it off at the best and funniest debate I’ve heard in a while.

  10. Djlfmfksld Kson empujó al Cannur y se hizo la lesa y luego se calló y culpó al Cannor xD

  11. Something belong

  12. they better play ark with kson sometime

  13. Connor and Mouse have such a nice chemistry. Even when hanging out with someone they've only just met, they can't stop bickering about the most mundane thing and it's so entertaining. Sometimes on of the 2 would sneak in a low blow and it gets even better.

  14. conanbdetective

    Mouse: "As if I would say anything to you like that."

    Me: " Your records indicate a different story and it's only a matter of time "

  15. Brai The Kai killer

    man if you had multiple povs of this i would watch it like 3 times on repeat


  17. スーパー古戸レイジ

    "Silence woman" got me

  18. She Who Thirsts

    0:36 Holy shit that's my bities message!

  19. Mouse having a hoard house make sense for her because she is a Puerto Rican.
    take note the fact that i am Puerto Rican too and i know a lot of us are quite the hoarders.

  20. ✨Absolute Meme✨

    4:28 I love that pretty much everyone witnessed Kson push CDawg in, but they just pretended like they didn’t. 😂

  21. Ironmouse drops all the items, for some reason I was reminded of Japanese when they say doko minaide io, (please don't look at it)🤣🤣🤣

  22. You this is like when kids next door crossover with billy and mandy.

  23. Okay, I'm laughing way harder than I should.😂

  24. I get that Connor and Mouse arguing is the whole joke, but sometimes she can get really annoying about it, like getting loud af about it. Hot take but I had to say it.

  25. 1000% Agree with the title. Vshojo & Friends Adventures In MINECRAFT! Starring: Ironmouse… and MONKE (CDawgVA),
    Kson OnAir, Projekt Melody, Nyatasha Nyanners, and Silvervale!

    @0:07 LMAO @0:11 Already descending into madness. 🤣
    @0:21 Yes it is weird. No Kawaii World texture pack… FeelsBadMan
    @0:31 A wild Sigma Male has descended into the server… he's just standing there… MENACINGLY! ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ
    @0:42 Time for a cursed joke everyone. Anyone got popcorn? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    @0:51 HOOOOOOOOLY SHIT! That Pickaxe is too powerful! 😱Mouse: "DON'T LOOK AT IT!" 😫Me: "How can't we? You LITERALLY blew the roof off your place!" 😶 (Disclaimer: Mouse hasn't built her actual house yet. It's still in progress)🤫
    @1:12 There she is! Our first guest of the night, Kson OnAir, and Monke's teaching her some dope shiz…
    but this is Monke after all. You can't trust Monke half the time! His Sigma Grindset adds +20 deceit.
    @1:52 Melody enters the fray– and she died already?! WHAT?! Monke: "I saw you die to a llama. That was pretty neat." Mouse: "CONNOR!" 😠 Monke: "Yo. You got some nice iron armor there. Nice, nice. Yeah yeah." 😏
    Mouse: "Connor, WTF! Stop." Melody: "ARE YOU BEING MEAN?" 😳Mouse: "He's being mean!" 😒Monke: "No, no, no. No, I'm kidding. 😮I got gifted this stuff so it's hardly– I can't shit talk." 😞 Mouse: "Exactly! Who gifted it to him? I did." 😏
    @2:19 Melody: "Show her Mouse's hoarder house." Mouse: 😨 Me: "As a fellow pacrat, I feel a little attacked… but do go on." Kson: "Whore… house?"🤨 Me: INTERNALLY SCREAMING! 😱😱😱😱😱😱 Monke: "Yeah. Mouse has like a shack that just full of garbage." 😏Mouse: "EXCUSE ME?! It's not garbage! WTF?" 👿
    Mouse: "Please no. Please! it's not garbage. It's important!"😬_MONKE IN STEREO INTENSIFIES_ 🔊🎤🎙🎚🎛
    @2:45 Me: "Every word of that sentence has made me violently ANGY, Monke! THAT IS A BEAUTIFUL TREE!" 🤬🤬🤬
    @3:01 Nyanners drops in.
    Mouse: "I love youuu~" 🥰🙄🤨 Mouse: "I'm talking to Nyan you dummy! WTF?" 😠 Me: "Bruh. Read the room." 🤦🏾‍♂
    @3:20 Grandpa Monke intensifies… but he makes a solid point… for a MONKE! …then the situation slightly descends into anarchy.
    @3:59 Kson doing cute things with doors– wait, why's Monke doing it now? 🤨 Mouse: "You're not an anime girl. STFU!"
    @4:15 New locale: The Nether! Monke: "Yeah. My name is <CDawgVA's screen name> in minecraft." 😄
    Mouse: "Kson, did you see that? He named himself <CDawgVA's screen name> cuz he's a pervert and he's terrible." 😒
    Kson CUTEST LAUGH! 🤣 Monke: "It was either that or <CDawgVA's screen name but in japanese> ."
    @4:26 Fighting some zombie pigs and something– Monke: 😨_"AHHHHHHHHH! NOOOOOOOOO!"_😱😱😱😱😱
    Kson: _HILARIOUS CUTE LAUGH!_🤣Mouse: "OMG, no!" 😨Monke: "WHO DAFAQ HIT ME IN?" 😬
    (TDLR: it was Kson by complete accident)
    @4:38 Even further down The Nether (Don'tTakeItOutOfContextPlease)… and Monke is dummy 🤣
    @5:02 Squirt Game? Dafaq is that? Melody: "Please tell me I'm not the only one who saw Squirt Game."😳
    Monke: I didn't. I saw the poster. I didn't watch it.🤨 Melody: "Oh yeah, me… me either." 😨😳 Me: "X to doubt?" [ X ]
    Monke: "Well how did it go, Mel?" Melody: Shy Stifled Adorkable Giggles
    @5:21 Mouse: "Sealed blackstone bricks?" Kson: "What is it?" 🤔 Me: "Wait. Why do I hear boss mus–"
    @5:28 Enemy: The Nether Gauntlet. CAN'T ESCAPE FROM CROSSING FATE. FIGHT!
    @5:37 An arduous battle echoed throughout the bowels of the Nether.
    @5:46 The indomitable Nether Gauntlet proved to be an immovable object of mass destructive force… but in the end, our heroes charged into the face of adversity and slayed the one-handed one-eyed terror-fist… then, Monke ruined a tender moment.
    @6:21 Mouse: (to Monke) "I'm telling you… you're going to die." Monke used Smite!
    @6:31 After Kson's cries, Mouse and Monke argue… again. LMAO. JuSt AnOtHeR nIgHt At HoUsE's MoUsE. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Nyan: "You need to meditate. We need to keep calm and meditate together." 😑 Monke: "Oh my God…"😞
    Mouse: "I made you that f**** armor. I can take it away!"
    @7:05 …and Monke jeopardizes the mission yet again. Mouse: "AGAIN?!" 😲
    @7:28 Silvervale is BATMAN Silver: (to Kson) "What did you lose?" Kson: "Oh it's okay. I literally didn't have anything." ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Monke: 🤨"Waht? Why were we trying to save it then?!" (it = Kson's lost gear) Melody: "So funny." 😂
    Mouse: MAD SATANAS LAUGHTER Monke: "If you had nothing WHY DID YOU CARE?!" 😠
    @7:48 Me: "Mel… what did you do?" 🤨 @8:03 Nyan: "There's a big pig!" _Aaaaand without a second thought,
    Monke commits pig murder. Too bad he doesn't get away with it. Quite the sticky wicket, innit? _ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    @8:16 Me: Uhhhhhhhhhh… LMAO.

    😈jUsT aNoThEr NiGhT aT hOuSe'S mOuSe. 😈
    NGL, the hypest collab of the month!

  26. kson is slowly becoming a vshojo member, just like connor

  27. For anyone wondering what they got for the boss, they found out it was used to make an item that allows flight in a 7×7 area up to world height.

  28. fieryphoenix82

    This stream was freaking epic

  29. Jaden Jerome-Johnson

    hey mouse you should play some total war. work that noggin of yours…like watching your vids BTW


  31. 3:01 Mouse confesses her love 💕

  32. Eevee Nation Gaming!


  33. Some incorrect prompts from a generator

    "Ironmouse: That’s one of my biggest fears. Like, if I ever woke up as a donut…

    Connor: You would eat yourself?

    Ironmouse: I wouldn’t even question it."


    "Ironmouse: God, give me patience.

    Connor: I think you mean 'give me strength'.

    Ironmouse: If God gave me strength, you'd be dead."


  34. No_One Important

    This is basically Cute Anime Waifus make fun of Monke
    And I'm okay with that

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