US Marines in Afghanistan Combat Footage 1080p Intense Firefights Against Taliban

Combat footage of U.S. Marines and U.S. Army Soldiers in Afghanistan. Filmed in 2011.

*DISCLAIMER* This footage is part of an war archive of the war in Afghanistan and should be viewed as educational. This footage is not meant to be violent in any way. I am only sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating. This is a war documentary.

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  1. 6:20 you can see the difference between a trained soldier from a paid guy who doesn't know how to shoot.

  2. Nothing like shooting from the hip…… #waste of rounds

  3. Cry for help Stop Gangstalking

  4. @8:20 engineers up!

  5. “Don’t shoot me, Mike” 😆

  6. “Sub bois sup breh”

  7. No comment…💛

  8. anas are the biggest pain in the ass in the world!!!!

  9. No enemy just shoot for fun

  10. “ We we run make sure he puts it on safe “ 😂

  11. When I was in I hated it. Now I'm out I cant help missing it.

  12. God bless every and anything militant, god bless America… I pray for our troops to be safe and come home to they’re family.

  13. FADEX - PUBG Mobile

    Dude using a fucking Xbox controller…now I’ve seen it all lol

  14. Funny because its taliban terrorist vs us army and the us army lost to a terrorist the us army is the most powerful and has the most advanced technology and tanks even a jet fighter funny that they lost in the end.

  15. Rey Peligro Garcia

    Much respect to all the soldiers

  16. Daniel Palacios

    No ones talking bout the xbox controller

  17. Salute to all marines . Respect from the Philippines 🇵🇭 💪💪

  18. you lost hummm….


    What are they firing at, I wish it would actually show the engagement rather than just behind the line of fire

  20. Looseel Scott

    6:19….this is why the Afghan forces crumbled in one day after we surrendered to the Taliban. They have no situational awareness and too much bravado when using weapons.

  21. honestly, it's like hunting rats without being able to enter the sewer! should use a nuclear attack in this cursed place

  22. @11:36 Look familiar? 🤔

  23. This is what these brave men and women went through for the Biden regime to just hand everything over to the taliban.

  24. Samuel Persico


  25. And still Taliban freedom fighters took control of entire country.

  26. Here we are in 2021 and the worst president in us history just handed Afghanistan to the taliban. #fuckjoebiden

  27. EggaBaconPlays

    I am watching this because I want to be a Marine rifleman when I grow up

  28. Macaroniwithdachickenstrips

    USA military during ww2: OMG GET DOWN WE ARE GONNA DIE

    USA military now: “Eric get the air support lol” “alright bro”


  29. amber johnson

    You men and women are my heroes since I was little..

  30. What is that thing that guy has carrying all those Antennas can someone explain that to me?????????

  31. 11:38 Are we not going to talk about how this guy is using a wired Xbox 360 controller to pilot a piece of US Military equipment?

  32. God bless our Marines and Soldiers!!! Amen!!

  33. Caleb Whatley

    Thank you God for all the men and women who served this country. Especially those who gave their lives for us.

  34. 1 year and month

    Did the camera man fight also?

  35. 1 year and month

    Why don’t they make holes in the walls to shoot

  36. Is no one gonna talk about THE FACT THAT THEY DRINK FUCKING COBRA BLOOD

  37. Tyrell Howard

    Afghan homie was shootin at nothin, but he was lettin that choppa fly tho💀💀

  38. Kill on Respawn ent.

    Seeing the non-American people fighting alongside us made me happy. Probably can’t understand a word the other is saying, but still has each other’s back.

  39. rich podlaski

    make it the 51rst state or get the fuck out

  40. No one will talk about 0:48, where the marine almost got shot? GOD BLESS THESE MEN AND WOMEN OF OUR MILITARY.

  41. T3MPZ3R_ MONT

    My guys playing Xbox while fucking terriost wat a mad man

  42. how many talibans did u kill ? None didn't see anything no bodies recovered

  43. SatiivaIndiica

    The Taliban fight better then the Afghan army they aint got a fucking clue

  44. Lmao they using a Xbox controller😂

  45. Wonder what the 10,000 Americans being left behind in Afghanistan think of this woke generation military. Best in the world beaten and running away leaving Americans behind.

  46. iloveavocados

    the guy playing Xbox at 11:38

  47. Charles Laurence Piga

    0:27 why does this rhym so well

  48. Roger Hunnell

    God bless all of our soldiers who have fought and continue to fight for our freedoms!! You will forever be mine and my families hero’s!! We love you all and your families for your sacrifices!! 🙏❤️🇺🇸

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